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What is CHART?

A full description is on our About us page.

Who's behind CHART?

CHART was created by 3 people who care about the fact that there is no comprehensive and easy source of unbiased information on natural treatments for cancer. Our profiles are on our About us page.

At present it's just us three. We're funded 100% by your donations, and we don't have any affiliation with any company, group, or organisation.

How can I help CHART?

We have a full description on our Support us page, which includes ways you can spread the word and donate.

What percentage of CHART donations will go to the people CHART serves?

CHART isn't that kind of charity.

One day we hope to use donations to directly subsidise natural treatments for patients in need, but for now, think of us as more like Wikipedia.

Your donations will help us in

  • Hosting and improving the CHART Medical Log
  • Creating awareness campaigns to improve the quantity and quality of Medical Log data we collect
  • Organising and analysing the data collected from patients so we can report back to the world on what's working and what's not
  • Building on our base of donations, including running events, appeals and other fundraising initiatives

100% of your donations will go towards those objectives.

Who can I contact if I have a question or problem?

You'll find everything you need on our Contact us page.

What happened to the CHART Patient Empowerment Program?

Loyal CHART supporters will notice we have removed information about the CHART Patient Empowerment Program from the site.

We want supporters to focus on the Medical Log, which is the first step in creating the Program we originally envisaged. We also felt it was premature to announce details of a Program before we have the data, systems and finances required to deliver the program.

Medical Log

Why should I create a Medical Log?

The main reason people choose to create a Medical Log is to help the community of cancer sufferers make better decisions about their treatment program.

However, you'll also find that the Medical Log is a useful way to understand and manage your own treatment plan.

The Medical Log will encourage you to take an active part in your program, to ask relevant and important questions of your medical practitioners and to be more aware of the effects of treatments.

It may prompt you to make better decisions about your own treatment plan. We think you'll enjoy the process of maintaining your Log, and that your work will be rewarded.

You could regard yourself as similar to a patient particpating in a clinical trial, except that with the Medical Log, you'll need to be more self-motivated.

Can I create a Medical Log for my relative or friend who is a cancer patient?

Yes, you can. Please talk to them first about the Medical Log. When registering, choose the "I am establishing this account on behalf of the patient and patient is alive and has full mental capacity", or "...patient has died or lacks full mental capacity" if the patient is no longer able to make decisions for themselves.

At the Consent stage of the Medical Log, you'll be asked to make sure the patient is fully informed and has consented.

Your registration should be using your own email address. The patient will also be sent an email with their own login, so there's no need to share.

Can I create a Medical Log for my relative, friend, patient... who died of cancer?

Yes, you can. We believe there are valuable stories to be told by people close to patients who died fighting the disease.

However, to protect the patient's and their family's dignity, we ask that you

  • are either a family member or personal representative of the patient, and
  • you explain to the surviving family who were close to the patient the nature of CHART and the Medical Log and do not proceed with the Medical Log if you receive any significant objections from them
  • you undertake to delete the Medical Log or hide it from public view if at any time in future you receive any significant objections from close family members

Do I need to change or adapt my tests or treatments in order to complete the Medical Log?

No. We don't recommend any particular tests or treatments or anything about the timing or dosages. You should consult your medical practitioner about those choices.

How will Medical Log data be used to show the (non-)effectiveness of therapies?

Our reports will not show cause and effect between therapy and cancer, but rather we will aggregate your data with other patients' data and allow CHART site users to draw their own conclusions. In addition we will publish analysis papers done by researchers based on our data in our News & Articles.

How do I start a Medical Log?

You just need to register and follow the screens after sign up which will give you instructions and ask you to provide appropriate consent and agreement.

What’s involved in creating a Medical Log?

The Medical Log has six main stages.

  • Instructions contains an overview of the Medical Log and tips on getting the most out of it
  • Consent explains exactly what the patient is signing up for, which you need to understand before proceeding. It is really important
  • Personal Information is a chance to tell us about the patient, their cancer and register an "Alternative Contact", someone who can help the patient with the Medical Log if necessary
  • Timeline is where all the action takes place. Tell us about the patient's diagnostic tests, your therapies and the symptoms and side effects they're experiencing
  • General Medical History is like what you might give to a new doctor. It's not essential like the Timeline is. But if you have time, it will really help our research
  • Public Profile shows you whether your profile is public, and if it is, how it appears to the public. No profiles will be public until we have a minimum amount of useful data to publish

Can I use a mobile device to create or maintain a Medical Log?

The Medical Log is unfortunately not optimised for mobile devices. We don't recommend creating a Timeline on smart phones - the Timeline is too small and fiddly on small screens.

Tablets are better. With a little patience and in some cases, precise touching, you will find the Timeline usable. Instead of clicking and dragging with a mouse to draw a period on the Timeline, simply touch ONE empty month on the Timeline to create it and then extend or move it using the date pickers on the corresponding form.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like us to move "creating a mobile version" up our priority list.

How will I remember to fill in my Medical Log?

We are conscious that the Medical Log is something you're doing voluntarily, and mostly we'll rely on you to remember to fill it in.

However, if it's been over 3 months since you last updated your Log, we'll email you once a month thereafter until you log in again to remind you to update your Log.

We will also email your Alternative Contact on the same basis, if you've chosen one.

What if I forget my CHART password or secret answers?

If you forget your password, you can go to our Forgotten Password page. Type your email and secret answer and we'll email you a new password.

If you forget one secret answer, you can still use your other one. You will need to contact us if you've forgotten both of them.

What if I want to change my password or secret answers?

Simply login to your account, and then go to our Account Admin page (the link is located at the top right corner of the page). Change your password or secret answers or both.

What is an Alternative Contact?

An Alternative Contact is someone who you choose, who will have full access to edit your Medical Log. Your Alternative Contact will have their own separate log in. There is no need to share yours. Simply fill in your Alternative Contact details on the Personal Information screen.

You can change your Alternative Contact at any time. Also, they can retire themselves from service to you, allowing them, or you to appoint a replacement.

You may only have one Alternative Contact.

Why should I have an Alternative Contact?

Having an Alternative Contact isn't mandatory. However, we strongly recommend having someone to help you with the "paperwork" while you focus on healing.

Another good idea is to fill in the Medical Log together with your chosen person, so they are familiar with the process, and can help you remember dates and names. Two heads are always better than one for this kind of work!

Who should I choose as my Alternative Contact?

You should choose someone you trust who can help you with the Medical Log, and be your backup in tough times. Someone who you're comfortable with having access to your medical records. Maybe it's a family member, close friend, or your health practitioner.

What access does my Alternative Contact have to my Medical Log?

Your Alternative Contact will have full access to your Medical Log with their own log in.

By appointing your Alternative Contact you consent to have your Alternative Contact act on your behalf in relation to your Medical Log, which might include accessing your medical records, having access to all the information you have created on this site, and updating your Medical Log on your behalf, whether or not you know about each particular update they might make.

What if I want to change my Alternative Contact?

That's easy to do. Simply return to the Personal Information screen and remove your current Alternative Contact. They will be sent an email notifying them that they have been removed from all access to your Medical Log. You can then appoint another person should you wish.

As a courtesy, please talk to both old and new Alternative Contacts to make sure they are aware that you're making these changes and why.

Who changed data in my Medical Log?

Only the patient, their Alternative Contact (if one is nominated) and authorised CHART staff have editing access to the Medical Log.

If you don't recognise data that was entered to the Medical Log, please check first with your Alternative Contact before contacting us. You may overwrite each others' data, and we encourage that so long as each change is only an improvement to the Log's accuracy.

In some circumstances CHART will also make modifications to your Log. For example, if you enter a new therapy "viatmin c", we will recognise that you meant Vitamin C and correct your therapy. If we can't verify some new Therapy, Test or Experience you added, we may contact you to clarify and possibly remove it from your Timeline if we can't get an answer from you. This is part of our housekeeping processes to make sure our database is most useful to all users.

I am a medical practitioner and I want to work on multiple Medical Logs for my patients

At present, you can only be an "Alternative Contact" for one patient at a time. We are working on a facility to accommodate your case, but for now, there are a couple of work arounds.

Your account is tied to your email address, so if you have multiple email addresses, you may create multiple accounts as "Alternative Contact" for each of your patients. We realise this is not ideal. Please don't use fake emails - you need a real email address to receive important Medical Log-related notifications from us.

You might be able to use a gmail hack whereby "+something" may be inserted just before the @, where "something" can be any identifier you wish to add to the address. You could use the name of your patient for example. Eg if your email was, and your patient was Jenny, you could use the email to sign up an account to manage Jenny's Medical Log. Our system will recognise these as two different email addresses.

If you use you can use email aliases and Yahoo Mail also allows up to 6 aliases.

The second work around is you can create one patient Medical Log at a time, each time retiring yourself (the option is on the Personal Information page) as the patient's Alternative Contact, which frees your account to use the new one. This will not work if you need to constantly update your patients' Medical Logs, because there will be no way to return to any given patient once you've retired, without the patient personally re-electing you.

What if I forget some dates or other details about my tests, treatments, symptoms or side effects?

We recommend you ask your medical practitioner, your loved ones or consult your diaries or paperwork if you can't remember details.

If you can't enter a particular item in, then just leave it out. There is also a Notes field on every form that you can use to explain missing data.

What if I can no longer fill in my Medical Log?

A Medical Log doesn't "fail" just because it wasn't "completed". If at some point you are not able to continue your Medical Log, what you have already completed will in most cases still be useful to us.

However, we encourage you to nominate an Alternative Contact, someone who is willing and able to continue with your Log if you are sick or otherwise unable to. You can do that on the Personal Information page of the Medical Log.

How can my Medical Log data be used?

You can find all the information in our Privacy Policy.

How will my Medical Log appear to the public?

Right now, we are not making ANY Medical Logs public, and we won't until we have sufficient data to be useful to other cancer sufferers and have ironed out the kinks in our systems.

When we do make them public, an Anonymous Public Medical Log will be shown publicly and shared with researchers, but with all personally identifying data removed.

Specifically, we will share

  • All information entered on the Timeline
  • Information about the patient entered into any field on the Personal Information page marked with a icon

We won't share

  • any Alternative Contact details
  • the General Medical History, although we may make it available to researchers

We will also summarise Medical Log data along side other Medical Logs for easy tabular comparison.

Can I withdraw my Medical Log from public access later?

Yes, in the Public Profile section of the Medical Log, you may change the status of the Medical Log from Public (anonymous) to Private or vice versa.

All Medical Logs will default to Public, and we encourage users to make their Medical Logs public for the benefit of researchers and other cancer sufferers.

All Public profiles will be shown anonymously, and only made public after we receive a minimum number of Medical Logs of sufficient quality to be useful to researchers and the public.

Can I withdraw my data from research use?

Yes, by making your profile Private, you are also withdrawing it from all research use.

We will make efforts to notify researchers who've already copied your data and/or done analysis with it to remove your data from their analysis

However, we cannot guarantee that copies of your data will not persist in ongoing analysis and published reports. You should consider this before beginning your Medical Log.

Can I delete my Medical Log?

Yes, please contact us telling us your name, year of birth and one answer to one of your secret questions to confirm your identity, and we will delete your Medical Log within 30 days.

Can I have a copy of my Medical Log data?

Yes, please contact us telling us your name, year of birth and one answer to one of your secret questions to confirm your identity, and we will create a copy of your Medical Log data in CSV format within 30 days and send it to you by email using the address you use to access your account. We may charge a small fee for this service.

What are Data Users' obligations with my data?

Data Users include

  • CHART staff
  • users of our website
  • researchers and medical professionals who have been authorised by CHART to access the raw data in a form that can easily be analysed

All Data Users will be bound by CHART's Terms & Conditions. CHART's website users will be required to agree to the Terms & Conditions when they use the website. CHART staff and independent researchers will also be required to agree to our terms.

The Terms & Conditions contain these conditions for Data Users which are designed to protect you and your privacy.

Data Users must

  • Not to harm you in any way, which is especially applicable in cases where you choose to share your identity with your Personal Medical Data
  • Not use your data for any fraudulent, deceitful, malicious, unlawful or morally distasteful purpose
  • Not use your data to make claims about any therapy unless CHART has approved the analysis of our data that is being used for the promotion
  • To respect your treatment choices and not make unreasonably disparaging or negative remarks about them that aren't based on good science – data should answer questions about therapy effectiveness and not whoever is most aggressively verbalising their agenda
  • If you choose to publish your data anonymously, not to try to find out who you are. And if a Data User does find out your identity, they must not share the link between your identity and Personal Medical Information and must not publish it anywhere
  • If you Opt Out by choosing to stop sharing your Personal Medical Data publicly, and if you ask Data Users to stop using your data, they must do so. Data Users are obliged to remove your data from any dataset that is currently in the process of being analysed, but which is yet to be published. However, they are not obliged to remove your data from analysis or findings that have been completed prior to you contacting them
  • Not to contact you in any way, except through CHART. If you have chosen to remain anonymous, CHART will always keep you anonymous when sharing any answers you give to questions Data Users have asked you through us
  • All research published using your data must be made freely available on the internet, citing that the data used (into which yours has been aggregated) was sourced from CHART

What if a Data User breaches their obligations with my data?

In the unfortunate event that a Data User breaches these terms and we find out, we will consult you if you were one of the affected data contributors and we may take action against the violating Data User, subject to CHART's capacity to do so.

However, CHART's primary objectives are identifying natural cancer therapies with merit and sharing them with the world. We will not allow disputes over breaches of our Terms & Conditions to become an overburdensome drain on CHART resources, which means that in some cases we may not be able to defend your rights. This should not be taken as a waiver of CHART's rights against the breaching Data User. CHART reserves its rights to pursue breaches of our Terms & Conditions within the full scope of the law.

What rights am I giving Data Users?

In order encourage Data Users to use your data in positive and productive ways, we ask that you grant them the following rights in relation to your data.

  • The right to use your data to for research, including by aggregating your data with other contributors to the CHART database
  • The right to publish the results of their research publicly. This may include citation of your individual case and data
  • The right to make commerical profit from findings enabled by your data, for example in the creation of new therapies. You will not have rights to any share of profit from their venture
  • The right to re-distribute your data to others, provided that those others also agree to the CHART Terms & Conditions, which includes all the terms you see above and the terms of our Privacy Policy

What obligations do I have to CHART if I fill in a Medical Log?

People with cancer who are seeking genuine answers may one day be relying on our database to which you're contributing. They will be depending on the data we collect from you being accurate and truthful.

So we ask that you make the following promises to us

  • You are a genuine cancer patient seeking to contribute your data using our Medical Log for bona fide and honest purposes
  • You have been diagnosed with cancer by one or more medical professionals at any time in the past
  • You are not intending to use the Medical Log merely out of curiosity or to simply see how it works. If you're interested in using a "test version" of our application, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you
  • You are not intending to use the Medical Log to upload false or misleading information
  • You will not upload data about fictitious patients
  • You will not use the medical log to further your own objectives that are inconsistent with CHART's objective to sort effective cancer therapies from ineffective ones
  • You understand that we may delete your Medical Log without notice if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have broken any of the promises you made above.