The CHART Medical Log

Do you have cancer? Do you want to be more in control of your treatment plan? Do you want to help others learn from your experience?

Or do you know someone who has or had cancer whose experience would benefit others?

Welcome to the CHART Medical Log, a comprehensive medical record with a natural therapy focus, that is created by you.

Why should I create a CHART Medical Log?

The data we collect from you and thousands of others will help us find the most effective safe and natural cancer therapies and potentially help millions.

Who should create a Medical Log?

We encourage you to create a Medical Log if you

  • had cancer, but you’ve beaten it (congratulations!)
  • have cancer, no matter the stage of your treatment
  • are close to someone who had or has cancer who would like to create a Medical Log, and you would like to help them
  • you are a medical practitioner and your patient would like you to help them create a Medical Log
  • you are a family member or personal representative of someone who had cancer who recently passed away (whether or not they died from the cancer)

We are a UK based charity, but we welcome patients from all over the world. We only ask that you use English in your Medical Log.

How long will it take to create a Medical Log for me (or the patient)?

You could spend 20 minutes or much longer on your Medical Log. We will be very happy to accept whatever you can manage. Of course, the more comprehensive the information you share the better.

We estimate most people will be able to create a very useful Medical Log in 1-2 hours, with around 20 mins maintenance roughly every 3 months.

How long it actually takes you will depend on how long you've had cancer and the complexity of your tests and treatment plan.

What’s involved?

The Medical Log has six main stages.

  • Instructions contains an overview of the Medical Log and tips on getting the most out of it
  • Consent explains exactly what you're signing up for, which you need to understand before proceeding. It is really important
  • Personal Information is a chance to tell us about you, your cancer and register an "Alternative Contact", someone who can help you with the Medical Log if necessary
  • Timeline is where all the action takes place. Tell us about your diagnostic tests, your therapies and the symptoms and side effects you're experiencing
  • General Medical History is like what you might give to a new doctor. It's not essential like the Timeline is. But if you have time, it will really help our research
  • Public Profile shows you whether your profile is public, and if it is, how it appears to the public. No profiles will be public until we have a minimum amount of useful data to publish

What will happen to my data?

We will publish your (the patient’s) anonymous data online from which others may learn, and share it with researchers who will apply statistical methods to make useful findings from the data.

You may choose at any time to stop sharing your data in this way, although any data already shared might still be used by people who took copies.

You’ll find a fuller answer in our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Do I have to be using natural treatments?

No, anyone with cancer is welcome to log their experiences.

We especially encourage people who are using or have used natural therapies in their treatment, either exclusively, or in conjunction with conventional therapies.

We’re interested in everything from vitamins to massage, herbal mixes to meditation, no matter how proven or experimental.

The Medical Log is ALSO for you if you

  • have completely avoided chemo, radiation and surgery in favour of natural therapies
  • have exhausted conventional treatments, and you’ve switched to natural therapies
  • are using supplements to reduce pain, ease side effects, or support your immune system while undergoing conventional treatments
  • had experience with cancer treatments that failed to help you - we also want to steer people away from unsuccessful treatments

OK, where do I start?

(not recommended for smart phones or tablets)

Where can I see other peoples’ data?

We’re not publishing any data yet. We’re aiming to collect a minimum number of Medical Logs and iron out kinks in our system before we make Logs public.

But stay tuned, and please spread the word. The more participants we have, the faster we’ll be reach our goal and publish others’ experiences for your benefit.