CHART launches the new Medical Log

CHART proudly announces the new Medical Log, a way for patients who are using natural cancer therapies to share their experiences and help our community to identify which therapies really work and which don't.

The Medical Log is designed to be a hub for information sharing and support. Just like the Wikipedia community has built a great resource for the benefit of all, so our community will lead the way in creating a natural cancer therapy knowledge base that we all can trust.

You can think of the Medical Log as the central part of a global medical study, conducted completely online.  It is not a blog or testimonial, but far more comprehensive and rigorous.

The Medical Log collects data from patients about their tests, therapies, experience and progress. We will process that data and share it in a way that will help patients make more informed therapy decisions.

Our aim is ultimately to identify the very best natural and safe cancer therapies.

If you are a patient using natural cancer therapies, please consider starting a Medical Log today. We have more information on our site or you can get started right away by registering here.  There's also plenty of answers to questions on our FAQ.

If you are caring or have cared for a such a patient, you can help them make a Medical Log too. On the register page just choose one of the options under "I am establishing this account on behalf of the patient...".

The Medical Log launch is just the beginning. We have a long way to go, but together we can build something truly awesome.

Let's find the ultimate natural cancer therapies together.

A full Press Release can be found here.


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