CHART supporter Darryl Frost to run the Thames Path 100 Ultra Marathon

On 23 March 2013 Darryl Frost will run in the Thames Path 100 Ultra Marathon. As part of this adventure Darryl has decided to raise money for CHART. Thank you very much Darryl!

The race looks completely insane (in a good way!). It is run over 100 miles, which is almost 4 normal marathons run in a row! The course, as the name suggests, follows the Thames, and runs from Richmond in South West London to the centre of Oxford. You can read more about the race here.

And we're very grateful and excited that Darryl has chosen to support CHART.  If you want to support Darryl in his quest, Darryl has a Just Giving page, where you can get the lastest on his race preparation and make donations.

From all of us at CHART, thank you once again. It's an awesome thing to be doing. We're right behind you (maybe on a bicycle or comfy car seat though!).

If you would like to take up a challenge in support of CHART, you can sign up for your own Just Giving event page. You'll find details about Just Giving fundraising here, and from there you can click on the Get Started link.

Once you've signed up for your Just Giving account, just search for, say "cancer healing" and you'll find CHART at the top of the list. Selecting us will tie us to your fundraising page, and make sure that your donations go to us. It's really easy, so give it a try in your next fundraising event!



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