CHART Privacy Policy and Data Protection

CHART cares about your privacy and will ensure your data is kept secure and is used only in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about our Policy, what data we collect or how we use it, please contact us at or call us on +44 (0) 207 2244 622.

What information do we collect?

CHART may collect certain information from you, which we classify into two categories

"Personal Information": This is personal but non-medical information such as your name, address, email address, phone number, gender, date of birth and payment information that enables us to process donations. It also includes usernames for ours or any other website, and images or other documents you upload or send to us. Personal Information can include information about you, or about another person whose data you are submitting to us.

"Personal Medical Information": Here we refer to "the patient", which might be you, or someone you're entering data on behalf of. Personal Medical Information is any information about the patient's medical conditions, activities, experiences and history, including but not limited to all the information about:

  • the nature of conditions the patient has had or has now, including the size, type, severity, aggressiveness, rate and degree of spread of any cancer or data about any other condition the patient has suffered
  • diagnostic procedures the patient has undertaken, and the results from those, including readings, reports, charts, tables, scans, images and analyses
  • medicines, drugs, dietary supplements or other substances the patient has taken
  • any evidence or observations of improvement or worsening of the patient's condition
  • surgery the patient has had
  • radiation of any type that the patient has had for therapeutic purposes
  • symptoms you suffer or have suffered in the past
  • side effects or non-tolerance to above mentioned therapies
  • the patient's current or past diets
  • exercise and other physical programs the patient has undertaken
  • the patient's use of recreational drugs
  • emotional, spiritual and mental approaches or practices the patient has undertaken
  • dosages taken of any of the above mentioned therapies
  • where and how you obtained above mentioned therapies
  • major events in the patient's life including the date and cause of death of the patient
  • the times and durations of any of the above events
  • history of illness in the patient's family
  • occupations the patient has had in their lifetime
  • patient data not mentioned above that is included on the Medical Log General Medical History under the Other personal information heading

How do we collect information?

We might collect Personal Information from you when you

  • register or create a login to our site
  • enter data into the Personal Information page of the Medical Log, including details about the patient or the patient's "Alternative Contact", but not including data about the patient's cancer
  • make enquiries and submit information through our web forms, and over emails and phone calls
  • make a donation
  • send information to us for any other purpose

If you make a donation using our donation payment service, Charity Checkout, the Personal Information that you submit will also be held by them. You should also be aware of and agree to their privacy policy before submitting your information to them. We will have secure access to the data that you submit via their administrative service, and we will collect and keep a copy of that data. This Privacy Policy applies to that data as if we collected it directly from you.

Personal Medical Information will primarily be received via our CHART's Medical Log facility. Please don't send us Personal Medical Information by email or our Contact us form.

The Medical Log allows Personal information and Personal Medical Information to be collected either directly from the patient, or from a patient's friend or relative or from a doctor who has treated the patient. This person is called the "Alternative Contact". To enter data about you, the Alternative Contact MUST explain to the patient what the CHART Medical Log is all about, must read to the patient the Consent form, and record the patient's agreement on that same form.

How may CHART use your Personal Information?

Except for the cases listed below, or if you give us your explicit permission, we will never share your data with other organisations.

Personal Information may be used for any of the following purposes

  • to provide you with information or any product or service you request from us, including through the UserVoice widget we use on our site (see below for more)
  • to inform you of CHART news, events, research, ways you can help us to achieve our objectives and other information that we think you will find useful. We will be very careful not to bombard you with appeals
  • to assist you with any problems you're experiencing on our website, including problems submitting your Personal Information or using the Medical Log
  • to create an online account with us if you sign up for one
  • to remind you about updating a Medical Log you are involved with either as patient or Alternative Contact after 3 months of inactivity
  • for payment details, to process your donation instructions. Payments will be processed by Charity Checkout on our behalf
  • in order to carry out CHART's objectives
  • for administration purposes
  • for fundraising activities
  • in connection with any legal proceedings or to establish, exercise or defend the legal rights of CHART
  • in protecting ourselves and partners from fraud and credit risk
  • in any way that is required of us by law or to establish or defend the legal rights of CHART
  • to provide to CHART agents, related organisations and service providers in order to perform any of the above-mentioned activities

By giving us your Personal Information, you are consenting to us using your data in these ways.

How may CHART use your Personal Medical Information?

In CHART systems, Personal Medical Information will be linked to information which identifies the patient (eg name, address, etc). We will take extra care to protect Personal Medical Information from misuse.

Personal Medical Information may be used by CHART either together with or without data that personally identifies the patient.

Without revealing patient identity (anonymous)

When we use Personal Medical Information data in this way, we may display the data along side items in the Medical Log Personal Information page that have a next to them, but without the ones that don't (such as the patient's name and contact details).

Personal Medical Information may be used without revealing the patient's identity in the following ways

  • to display publicly online in summary form or in full, but not including any General Medical History data. This public sharing will be enabled when we have a minimum number of Medical Logs with sufficient data, but initially will remain hidden from the public.
  • in analysis to determine trends, averages and other statistical measures on aggregate data of which the patient's Personal Medical Information is part
  • shared with researchers and medical professionals who have been authorised by CHART
  • for CHART to publish findings on the effectiveness of therapies to the public

The patient or their Alternative Contact may instruct CHART not to make use of the patient's Personal Medical Information in the above ways by making their Medical Log "private". This option is available in the Public Profile section of the Medical Log.

Along-side data that personally identifies the patient

Personal Medical Information may also be used together with data that personally identifies the patient in the following ways

  • to display to the patient, or any person the patient authorises to see their Personal Medical Information
  • for authorised CHART staff to check and/or edit the patient's Medical Log for the purposes of quality control, problem investigation and resolution or system optimisation.
  • to answer any question the patient or their Alternative Contact ask us about the Medical Log which requires us to see that information with data that personally identifies the patient.
  • to display to the public, if the patient chooses to display their Personal Medical Information in a way that identifies them, and they explicitly record their consent with us. For example, soon we may offer the ability to share Medical Logs online along with the patient's name, and an image and description of them. At that point, and if the patient chooses to do so, Personal Medical Information may be displayed in a way that identifies the Personal Medical Information as theirs. Only a patient with full mental capacity may make this election.
  • if it is required of us by law or to establish or defend the legal rights of CHART, although we will use data stripped of data that identifies the patient for this purpose whenever possible.

Your consent and opting out

In relation to your Personal Information, we will keep a record of your preference for being contacted by us.

When you submit your Personal Information, we will take you to "opt in" for regular contact. You may "opt out" at any time (we will give you the opportunity in the communications we send you), and if you do so, we cease all CHART-initiated communication with you, except for essential administrative messages such as reminding you to renew an expired credit card on a regular payment instruction you have previously given us.

We will act on the latest instruction that you have given us in relation to opting in or out and you may change your preference at any time.

For Personal Medical Information, specifically in relation to the Medical Log, when submitting the Consent form, you are agreeing for your Personal Medical Information to be used by us for all the purposes we outlined in "How may CHART use your Personal Medical Information?". To clarify, CHART assumes you're "opting in" to all of the purposes.

There are 3 ways you can "opt out"

  • Leave completely (delete account): If you wish to end the patient's Medical Log and stop all contact with CHART, you may write to us (email or letter) telling us your name, year of birth and one answer to one of your secret questions to confirm your identity (and if you're not the patient, their name and year of birth also), and we will delete the patient's Medical Log within 30 days.
  • Stop anonymous sharing: If you wish to stop publicly sharing the patient's anonymous Personal Medical Information you may opt out from the Public Profile page of the Medical Log (change it to a Private profile). You will be allowed to continue using the Medical Log privately, and we will continue to contact you from time to time with Medical Log maintenance reminders. We don't encourage using the Medical Log privately because it goes against CHART's research objectives, but we will always respect the patient's privacy and wishes.
  • Hide the patient's identity: If you have chosen to display the patient's Personal Medical Information in a way that identifies them (although as we said, this feature is not available yet) and you wish to return to an anonymous profile, that will be easy to do from the Public Profile page of the Medical Log.

If you are an Alternative Contact, you may also "opt out" by retiring from the patient's Medical Log, allowing you or the patient to nominate a replacement Alternative Contact, and/or for you to start a Medical Log for another patient.

You cannot revoke data that's already been used

When you choose either the "stop anonymous sharing" or "leave completely" options above, CHART will stop using the patient's Personal Medical Information for any of the purposes listed under "Anonymously".

However, we will not amend any already completed reports or statistical analysis based on aggregated data of which the patient's Personal Medical Information was part. You agree for your data to remain in such reports or analysis for all time.

Also, you need to understand that once patient data has been made public at any time, it may be copied and shared. We won't have control over copies taken from our website, although Data Users must agree to terms in our Terms & Conditions that protect you.

We will be happy to provide you with email addresses for all independent researchers and medical professionals who we've given access to the patient's anonymous data. Part of Data Users' agreement with us is that they will, upon request from you, remove any of the patient's data that is currently in the process of being analysed, but which is yet to be published. It is your responsibility to contact them and make that request.

Data Users' obligations

All Data Users (see definition in the Terms & Conditions) will be bound by CHART's Terms & Conditions. CHART's website users will be required to agree to the Terms & Conditions when they access Medical Log data. CHART staff and independent researchers will also be required to agree to our terms.

The Terms & Conditions contain conditions for Data Users which are designed to protect the patient and their privacy.

In the unfortunate event that a Data User breaches these terms, we will consult the patient and Alternative Contact if the patient's data was affected and we may take action against the violating Data User, subject to CHART's capacity to do so.

However, CHART's primary objectives are finding natural cancer therapies with merit and sharing them with the world. We will not allow disputes over breaches of our Terms & Conditions to become an overburdensome drain on CHART resources, which means that we may not be able to defend your rights. This should not be taken as a waiver of CHART's rights against the breaching Data User. CHART reserves its rights to pursue breaches of our Terms & Conditions within the full scope of the law.

Rights you are giving Data Users

In order encourage Data Users to use your Personal Medical Information in positive and productive ways, Medical Log users grant them the following rights in relation to the patient's data.

  • The right to use the patient's data to for research, including by aggregating the data with other contributors to the CHART database
  • The right to publish the results of their research publicly. This may include citation of the patient's individual case and data
  • The right to make commerical profit from findings enabled by the patient's data, for example in the creation of new therapies. The patient will not have rights to any share of profit from their venture
  • The right to re-distribute the patient's data to others, provided that those others also agree to the CHART Terms & Conditions, which includes this Privacy Policy

Information security

Your Personal Information and Personal Medical Information will be held on secure servers and will only be made available to authorised CHART officers, employees, contractors, agents and authorised organisations mentioned in this Policy.

CHART's employees, contractors and agents who have access to your Personal Information and/or Personal Medical Information are required to keep that information confidential and are not permitted to use it for any purposes other than as described in this Policy.

Our agent, Charity Checkout, uses secure SSL encryption to receive all payment information. We will also retrieve your Personal Information from them using encrypted communications.

Please be aware that some of your data may be stored on servers outside of the country where you submitted your information from, and may be subject to laws of the countries where those servers reside.

While utmost care is taken by CHART to ensure your data is only used in accordance with this policy and only by authorised persons, please understand that security breaches can sometimes happen and there is a small risk of your data being made available to unauthorised parties.

Access to your information

We will be happy to provide you with a record of the information we keep about you. Please not that we cannot provide you with any anonymously gathered information, which we cannot identify as yours.

At present we will not be able to provide your personal data on a self-service basis via our website, so please contact us telling us your name, year of birth and one answer to one of your secret questions to confirm your identity.

We will create a copy of your Medical Log data in CSV format within 30 days and send it to you by email using the address you use to access your account. We may charge a small fee for this service.


Cookies are small pieces of data that our servers send to your browser and are stored for some period of time (sometimes indefinitely) on your hard disk.

We may use cookies for any of the following purposes

  • to identify requests made by you as belonging to the same user "session", which helps us to provide you with a consistent or personalised service across all the pages in our site
  • to identify you or identify requests made by you as belonging to the same user across multiple visits, so that we can provide you with a consistent or personalised experience across multiple visits to our site

At present, we only use cookies for logged in Medical Log users. Without cookies enabled, you will not be able to use the Medical Log.

Google Inc., AddThis, Facebook, Disqus and UserVoice also use cookies to enable their services (see the following two sections below).

Google Analytics site usage monitoring

We use a service provided by Google Inc. called Google Analytics to monitor all user traffic on our site. The service helps us to understand the usability of our site, improve our site design and plan for future changes.

Google Analytics gathers anonymous information that helps us understand the country users are browsing from, their operating systems, browser types and information about the time and duration of visits.

No personal data are connected to these records, and we will typically view the information stored about your visit aggregated with those of other users.

Google stores the data collected from your visit on servers located in the United States and they may share that data with other organisations where they are required to do so by US law.

If you disagree with Googles collection and use of your data, or you dont want CHART to make use of your aggregated site usage data, you can opt out of Google Analytics tracking by installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, which works on most modern browsers.

AddThis social monitoring

We use a service provided by AddThis which supplies the social sharing toolbar you see on all our content pages. The service helps us to understand how our site pages are being shared across Facebook, Twitter and other social sites you use.

The service customises the social sharing icons on our pages to the sharing facilities you use most, be they print, email, or social media websites. We hope you'll find that it provides a better sharing experience than if we were to include just Facebook and Twitter buttons assuming that they were everyones' preferred social platforms.

In addition, AddThis provides us with reports on which pages have been shared most, by what method, and in which locations. Those reports are anonomised, so we won't know it's you personally who did the sharing, printing or emailing.

AddThis also uses your data to better target advertising to you. So by visiting our site, they may learn more about your interests in, say, natural therapies and cancer, and choose advertisements along those lines on other websites (not ours - we don't advertise).

We, and also AddThis, understand that you may not want to have your activity tracked for the purposes of choosing more appropriate advertising for you. You can opt out of ALL AddThis tracking (not just on our site, but everywhere AddThis is used) here.

If you don't like AddThis targetting advertising to you, you'll probably also prefer to opt out of other ad targetting systems, we recommend you visit, an advertising industry initiative which will help you manage your preferences across many ad tracking companies.

Comments in news & articles

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Please be aware that both services use cookies to compile a profile of you to conduct market research and better target advertising to you. Facebook may match your data to other data about you, such as those collected from loyalty cards and similar programs.

Both services will set cookies on your computer even after you've logged out or even if you choose not to use their services on our site.

More about what cookies these services set and how they are used can be found here for Facebook, and here for Disqus.

If you wish to use Facebook, but reduce their ability to track you with cookies across other sites, you can find various tools online such as Facebook Disconnect.

Avoiding tracking by Disqus is possible by not using their services or deleting your account if you already have one. If you would like to use read our news and articles without accepting the Disqus cookies, you can selectively block their cookies in many browsers, eg Chrome and Firefox.

UserVoice help widget

We use services by UserVoice to place an easy help and feedback widget into our Medical Log. Logged in Medical Log users will find the widget appear in the bottom right corner of their screen.

The widget helps us to manage your feedback and help requests. The requests are stored on their server, and authorised CHART staff can access the Admin console to answer your requests and suggestions.

When you make a UserVoice request, we pass UserVoice your email address, which is used to contact you back. If you don't want us to give UserVoice your email, please use our contact us page instead.

The UserVoice service places a number of cookies on your computer to help them deliver the service and track usage.

Please note that UserVoice has their own Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy which applies to you if you use the widget.

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Changes to our Policy

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