Please support us

Create a Medical Log

The primary ways you can support us now are

  • If you have cancer, by creating and maintaining your own CHART Medical Log
  • If a patient you know might like to create a Medical Log, but are technically or physically unable to, by helping them to do so. The Medical Log specially accommodates your case.
  • If a family member who had cancer died or you are their legal representative, by contributing their data. Check with all the patient's family first. The Medical Log specially accommodates your case.
  • By connecting us with healthcare practitioners who you know are having good success with cancer. In this case we will approach them directly to enquire of their experience and assess their patients' suitability for the Medical Log.

Spread the word!

Also, please tell the world about our Medical Log

  • If you know someone with cancer with a natural therapy story to tell, please let them know about the Medical Log
  • Even if you don't know anyone with cancer, your friends are bound to. Please let them know about our project
  • Like our Facebook page, and invite all your friends to do the same.
  • Follow us, @NaturlCancrHeal, on Twitter, and tweet and retweet us to your network
  • Use the controls at the top-right of each page to spread the word
  • Blog about us and introduce us to your readers


While building our Medical Log database and publicity are our primary goals right now, we also welcome donations. You can make one off or regular donations here. Thank you for supporting us!

Small donations using your mobile phone

We've teamed up with JustTextGiving by Vodafone to make small donations easy. You can choose to give £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 using your mobile phone.

For example, just text CHRT00 £10 to 70070 (within the UK) to donate £10 to CHART.

Your donation will be charged to your mobile phone bill, and CHART will get every penny, including all of the Gift Aid if you complete the simple instructions which will be sent to you after you donate.

Putting your money to work

CHART is a charity registered in the UK.

When you donate to CHART, your money will be used to further CHART’s Objectives. Specifically, in these early days of CHART's life, we will be using the money for

  • Maintaining and improving the CHART Medical Log
  • Creating awareness campaigns to improve the quantity and quality of Medical Log data we collect
  • Organising and analysing the data collected from patients so we can report back to the world on what’s working and what’s not
  • Building on our base of donations, including running events, appeals and other fundraising initiatives

Promise to our supporters

We respect your privacy. We will collect, keep and use information you contribute to us when donating or contacting us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  We won’t constantly send you appeals, although we will keep in touch by email occasionally to tell you about our progress, new information we’ve discovered or to tell you about upcoming events.

Helping us to fundraise

CHART now has an account with Just Giving! So if you would like to take up a challenge in support of CHART, you can sign up for your own Just Giving event page. You'll find details about Just Giving fundraising here, and from there you can click on the Get Started link.

Once you've signed up for your Just Giving account, just search for, say "cancer healing" and you'll find CHART at the top of the list. Selecting us will tie us to your fundraising page, and make sure that your donations go to us. It's really easy, so give it a try in your next fundraising event!

Alternatively, if you'd like to collect donations at your own charity event, you may send cheques to

      Cancer Healing And Research Trust
      69 Harley Street
      London W1G 8QW
      United Kingdom

And of course, if you have other ideas that might require our help, please contact us and we'll do whatever we can to assist.